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Truck drivers are usually transporting goods from one destination to another, sometimes interstate. Sometimes they own the truck they are driving and sometimes they are employed by trucking companies. Finding the right defendant in an accident involving a truck can be challenging. We know where to look for insurance coverage. Truck drivers must abide by many regulations, created by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in order to keep drivers safe on the road. They are limited in the number of hours they can drive without taking a break, depending on the distance they travel and the type of cargo they carry. Truck drivers must pass medical examinations and are tested for drug and alcohol use. Many accidents occur when the driver is fatigued and his judgment is impaired. For example, truckers change lanes improperly or make left hand turns violating the right of way of lawful drivers. Due to sheer size and weight of the truck, injuries in a truck accident can be catastrophic and it is crucial for your case that the necessary evidence is collected properly.


If possible take photos of your car damage and the damage to the truck, even if it seems minimal. Trucks are repaired and put back into service quickly, so your photos may be the only ones you can depend on.

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