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It seems to be human nature to try new activities when one goes on vacation. We want to experience adventures and we don’t always use our best judgment in choosing properly insured vendors or vendors who keep their equipment safe. Whether it is parasailing or bungee jumping, horseback riding or mountain climbing, it is important to hire a licensed and insured company. Read their disclaimers and waivers of liability, carefully. You may be signing away your right to hold them responsible for negligence, should you get injured in an accident. Sometimes, an accident happens even when you aren’t looking for adventure. You may be just taking a relaxing cruise and you slip on water in one of the dining rooms onboard ship. Special laws govern injury or death on cruise ships or in aviation accidents. Knowing the law in the proper jurisdiction is imperative. Statutes of limitation can also vary according to the location where the accident happened. They can be as short a six months following the accident. Immediate action is required after an accident in order to preserve your rights.


Try to take as many photos of the accident scene. Also, if possible, save all promotional brochures, ticket receipts, and general information about the company that you hire. It will come in handy when we investigate your claim.

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